Locally and sustainably sourced, seasoned firewood delivered directly to your home



Garrowby Firewood would like to thank all our customers for your continuing support. We are now closed to allow us to restock for next Winter. We will be accepting orders again in September 2024.

Garrowby Firewood is part of the Halifax Estates Forestry Department. Our team carries out all management tasks associated with the woodland on Garrowby Estate, covering 1,400 acres which is over 10% of the total Estate area, compared with about 2-3% tree cover in the East Riding of Yorkshire as a whole. This woodland contributes to the Estate's beautiful landscape, which has been designated as nationally important.

Management of the woodland requires regular thinning of plantations, as well as clear fells when stands reach maturity. Our timber is a mix of softwood and hardwood, with native hardwood species being the aim from a landscape perspective. The softwood mainly goes for woodchip production and the majority of the hardwood felled on the Estate is used for firewood. All of our hardwood is felled by hand, naturally air dried for at least 12 months and then processed into firewood. Placing an order for your firewood with us will ensure that you are obtaining a local and sustainably sourced product delivered directly to your home.


Working closely with the Forestry Commission we select blocks of mature woodland for clear felling and younger plantations for thinning, to improve the form and growth rate of the final crop trees.


Following felling the woodland compartments are restocked with mixed hardwood trees to ensure long term preservation and enhancement of the Estate woodland.


All felled timber is seasoned in the wood for at least 12 months before it is processed. This allows it to dry naturally to guarantee a high quality product.


Our team processes firewood through our Posch Spaltfix. This will take timber over 60cm in diameter and process it into high quality, regular and clean firewood.


We continually seek to expand the area of woodland, where appropriate, for the benefit of the landscape and wildlife, as well as for timber production. In some years our team will plant over 10,000 trees.

Delivery Radius

We are able to deliver your firewood direct to your door with our tipping pickup. Your logs will be unloaded loose at your preferred location accessible by our pickup.

Once you have placed your order with us a member of the team will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery date and time.

Our areas for delivery can be seen on the map to the left.

  • Green zone – free delivery
  • Orange zone – £10 delivery charge
  • Red zone – £20 delivery charge and a minimum 2 cubic metre order

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